Commission Street Art

The artist Julian Beever is available for commercial commissions from anything from product advertising and campaign messaging to festivals and fun street events.

The artwork : surfaces, materials, etc.

The artwork would normally be done live, in situ, over several days. The work can be directly on the existing surface or on substitute surfaces such as canvas, board, paving slabs or vinyl. It can take place indoors or outdoors. It may be done on the floor or also on a combination of floor and wall.

The medium may be very short-lived (chalk and coloured pigment…) or more permanent (very durable floor paint).

The artwork can be produced expressly to be posed upon by members of the public and is ideal for selfies and social media.

Organising the project

Companies interested in contracting Julian Beever should use the contact form on this website. Please state where and when the artwork would take place and if possible indicate the purpose and context of the project.When an understanding of the project has been gained, a quote on a fee and timeline can be given. Work can be done and ideas developed from an initial brief either closely or loosely described. When a deal is agreed, pencil sketches of the final piece will be sent for feedback, development and agreement.

Discussion will need to take place, including a look at photos of the surface where the artwork would be done and its location and lighting.The outcome will be a spectacular piece of anamorphic “3D” illusionary artwork that visitors may pose on and be photographed on. This will be produced with your demands at the core. The quality you can expect is represented by the photos on this website.

Talks and Presentations

Julian may also be hired to give a one-hour slide-show presentation (using Powerpoint) of his life and work from his earliest days, to be followed by Q&As.
These are ideal as :

  • after dinner speaking” sessions
  • talks to inspire students, for example in schools and colleges
  • talks for any groups interested in his work or the pathway to success of an artist.